Bespoke Training Plans

Get a Bespoke Training Plan, developed just for you, to help you smash your running goals.

Every runner is different. For the best results for you, your training plan should be crafted just for you. Let’s Run’s Bespoke Training Plans are developed individually every time.

They’re based on where you are now, what your goals are, what your weekly schedule looks like, and a number of other factors we can chat about before we craft your plan.

Plans can cover any time period, for any running event. As well as your week-by-week training, you’ll also get a running-specific strength training routine to help you build core body strength to support your running.

If you’d like more flexibility, regular feedback and updates, and unlimited support during training, then you may be more suited to Online Coaching.

“I stuck with running much better working to a plan than I otherwise would have. I have enjoyed mixing up my running more and learning new things.” – Carrie

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What’s involved?

A Chat

Run with Ben - a client running in the Olympic Park

We’ll find out a little more about your running and where you want to get to. A runner questionnaire will help us learn more about your experience, schedule, and goals. From there we’ll have a good platform to begin developing your Bespoke Training Plan.

Your Training Plan

Run with Ben - Ben with a client in Hackney Marshes

We’ll develop your Bespoke Training Plan based on what you’ve told us, what you’re aiming for, and the available time you have for running. Plans can be for any goal race – or even for general training with no planned race – and for any time period.

Please note that Terms apply (nothing scary!) to all Let’s Run Coaching.

Over to You

Run with Ben - a client running in the Olympic Park

Once you have the plan in hand, it’s just down to the training! At the end of the plan period, we’d love to hear how you got on!

Remember, if you’d like more flexibility and regular support, then Online Coaching could be for you.


· 12-week plan: £40

· 16-week plan: £50

· 20-week plan: £55

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Optional Extras and Discounts

Fundraiser Discount

Are you training for a charity event you’ve signed up for and want a Bespoke Training Plan to help you hit your goal?

We offer 10% discount to those who want a Training Plan for an event they’re doing for charity – just mention this when enquiring.

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"I choose running as my therapy. It [is] the best source of renewal there [is]. I couldn't recall a single time that I felt worse after a run than before."

- Dean Karnazes