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Running Blogs and Tips

Why Strength Training Will Make You A Better Runner

Let's Run Coaching - running coaching blogs - strength training - a runner doing a squat

Strength training is a critical aspect of any runner's training programme, but it's all too often ignored.

Here's why strength training is important, and how you can incorporate it into your running programme.

How To Listen To Your Body In Training

Let's Run Coaching - Running Coaching blogs - how to listen to your body - a runner on a road

When it comes to running, the ability to listen to your body is critical – and it doesn’t come easy.

As runners we can all benefit from taking a more rounded approach to our training, and a key part of this is the mind and body being in tune with each other. 

6 Psychological Tactics To Help You Nail Your Long Runs

Let's Run Coaching - running coaching blogs - long run tactics - a runner's trainers on a path

The long run is often as much of a psychological battle as it is a physical one.

Check out some of these tactics to help you embrace your long runs:

Could Running Be An Antidote to Modern Life?

Let's Run Coaching - running coaching blogs - two runners on a sandy path

Running brings with it a whole host of benefits, from the more obvious – often the reasons we start running – like fitness and weight loss, through to things that may be more unexpected at first, like improved self-esteem, meeting new people, and so on.

But there is more and more evidence showing that the benefits may range much further than this. Find out more:

8 Top Tips for New Runners

Let's Run Coaching - blogs - tips for new runners - a runner tying shoelaces

In some ways, running is one of the most accessible sports – or activities – around. It’s simply a case of putting on your running kit and heading out the door. But of course it's not always that easy...

If you’re interested in trying running for the first time and perhaps have a few doubts, this article should help you:

The Importance of Pacing by Feel

Let's Run Coaching - blogs - pacing by feel - a runner running on a road

As runners we’re surrounded by a lot of technology and data – pace, splits, distance, heart rate, vo2 max, threshold and much more besides – often all built into the small watch on our wrist.

But tuning into your body and building your awareness could be the key to unlock your potential:

A Runner's Basic Guide To Stretching

Run with Ben running coaching - stretching - a runner doing a quad stretch

Stretching is probably one of the most debated and confusing topics in running.

This article gives you the clear basics, and some guidance of the role of stretching in your running:

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