Injury Prevention Package

The Let’s Run Injury Prevention Package is uniquely designed to improve your running.


It aims to give you greater understanding of your body and how best to control and build it to help prevent injuries and run happy.

"My main goal when I started working with Let's Run was to start running regularly again following an injury and also to be able to get back to running greater distances. I now run three times a week and I am able to comfortably run greater distances again." - Anne, London

With the Injury Prevention Package, you’ll develop greater awareness of both your running form and your biomechanics, with take-aways on how to run more efficiently, how to build running-specific strength, and how to help prevent injuries through better movement.

The Injury Prevention Package is created and delivered with our philosophy in mind to help you train smart and run happy. Your running form is one of the fundamentals to helping you do this.

Injury Prevention Package – Silver (£105):

Running Form Review

  • Initial session (30-60 minutes) to look at your running form (London only – other options available if you’re based elsewhere)
  • A post-session report on your form, advising on suggested improvements
  • 10-point guide to good running form
  • Basic strength and stretch exercises to help you build and maintain good form.

One-to-One Session

  • A second session (45-60 minutes) to help implement improvements from the form review and put the suggested improvements into practice.

Injury Prevention Package – Gold (£149):

The Gold option gives you all of the above as well as:

Sports Massage Appointment

  • A sports massage appointment (up to one hour). Injury rehabilitation, including full assessment, is available for an additional £10.
  • Note: therapist is based in east London, and timings are subject to availability.

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"Running has given me the courage to start, the determination to keep trying, and the childlike spirit to have fun along the way."

- Julie Isphording