Marathon Training

The marathon is an incredible feat, and Let's Run is passionate about helping runners to achieve their best in the marathon - whether your goal is to complete or compete.

We're experienced in supporting runners of all ages, backgrounds and experiences in the marathon distance, helping you to train smart and achieve your potential.

Check out the coaching options below, or get in touch using the box a little further down if you have any questions at all.

Marathon Training Packages

Run with Ben running coaching - marathon training - runners in a race

Everything you need to hit your marathon goals and get you to the finish line with a smile on your face.

Complete packages, always fully personalised to you.

Marathon Online Coaching

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Helping you train smart and hit your marathon goals wherever you are in the world.

Bespoke training plans, unlimited support, and much more.

One-to-One Coaching

Run with Ben running coaching - marathon training - one-to-one, Ben with a runner

Face-to-face support and undivided attention in a one-to-one running coaching session.

Marathon Foundation

Run with Ben running coaching: marathon foundation programme - Ben helping a runner in Epping Forest

If you're a newer runner, returning from injury, or you've had disrupted training recently, then the Marathon Foundation Programme is for you.

It's six weeks, and prepares you for the start of full marathon training.

Marathon Training Plans

Run with Ben running coaching - marathon training plans - two runners in the Olympic Park, London

Marathon training plans developed bespoke to you, ensuring you're training in the smartest way to hit your marathon goals.

Charity Discounts

Run with Ben running coaching - marathon training - runners on a road

Running for a charity?

You may be able to get a discount on Let's Run Coaching.

Kickstart your marathon training!

Send a message to ask any questions or to get started: