We offer pacing for races, events or training runs, as well as ‘running buddy’ sessions – if you simply want someone to run with.


Support during all or part of your event (depending on the event and pace required – get in touch below to discuss) to help you hit your target time, or pacing in training to help you be able to focus solely on the running.

‘Running Buddy’ sessions

If you struggle running by yourself, you need some extra motivation, or you’d simply like to mix things up and run with someone new, then you might like to try these sessions.

We can offer casual coaching at the same time – for example if you need advice on anything in particular – or we can simply run together!


Price depends on location and what you’re looking for. Send a message using the box below and we’ll be right back to you!

Please note that Terms apply (nothing scary!) to all Let’s Run Coaching.

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Optional Extras


Combine with another Let's Run Coaching service – perhaps Online Coaching or a Bespoke Training Plan?

Running Events and New Challenges

We're always open to exploring new running challenges, however small or big! Got an idea for a new challenge or event and want someone to do it with?

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"If there's any magic bullet to make human beings healthy, it's to run."

- Dr. Daniel Lieberman