Running Form Review

Improve your running form and become a better, happier, and more efficient runner!

Let’s Run’s Running Form Review gives you easy-to-implement steps to help you become a stronger runner.

Running with poor form can lead to problems from not hitting your potential through to injuries. Running with good form is one of the first steps to training smarter and running happier.

Gain awareness of how you run, improve your efficiency, and reduce risk of injury with a Running Form Review.

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“I wanted to look at my running style as I suspected that the way in which I ran may have caused or exacerbated my injury. Working with Ben has helped; I now run three times a week and I am able to comfortably run greater distances again." – Anne

What’s involved?

  • One-to-one session to take footage of your running (other options are available if you’re not local to London)
  • Optional talk-through any concerns you have about your form or your running (phone or in-person)
  • Full post-session analysis report on your form, advising on suggested improvements and how to implement them
  • Advice on injury prevention
  • 10-point guide to good running form
  • Top tips on improving your training – including visual cues to help you improve your form and build awareness of your body when you run
  • Strength and stretch exercises to help you maintain good form
  • 10% off any other Let’s Run services (e.g. further sessions or Online Coaching to improve form or help you train smarter).


The Let’s Run Running Form Review is £69, including all of the above.

To include an additional one-to-one session to put what you learn into practice, it’s £99.

Sessions are currently available in London only. If you’re based elsewhere, you can send your own video footage of your running and still get all of the above, for a reduced cost of £55. Get in touch below for details of how to do this.

Please note that Terms apply (nothing scary!) to all Let’s Run Coaching.

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“Running is not about being better than someone else. It’s about being better than you used to be.”

– Anonymous