Strength and Conditioning

Building strength is one of the key elements to happy and effective running.

Bespoke running-specific strength programmes form a part of Let’s Run’s Online Coaching service, but if you’re just looking for support with strength work, we can help.

Strength training is a critical but often neglected part of a runner’s schedule. But it is just as important as the cardiovascular training.

Running builds your cardiovascular fitness, but you need to ensure your body has the strength to support you. Strength training can help you run more efficiently, stronger, and with reduced risk of injury.

What’s good about Let’s Run’s strength plans?

  • Bespoke running-specific strength routines, tailored to your experience and goals
  • Progressive routines, allowing you to increase the effort as you build strength
  • Minimal equipment – train anytime, anywhere – no gym required!

Additional benefits:

  • Optional consultation, by phone or in-person, to discuss your training (see below)
  • For those local to east London, receive 10% off all sports therapy appointments with Let’s Run partners.

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Get stronger in 3 quick steps:


A Chat

Developing Your Plan

Developing Your Plan

We’ll find out a little more about you and your goals, either by email or phone, to help us build a strength routine that’s fully bespoke to you. A runner questionnaire will help us learn more about your experience and where you’re at with your running and fitness at the moment.


Developing Your Plan

Developing Your Plan

Developing Your Plan

We’ll then develop your strength training routine, based on what you’ve told us. It’s always jargon-free, with step-by-step guidance, ensuring full accessibility whatever your experience.


Over to You!

Developing Your Plan

Over to You!

It’s then over to you to begin incorporating your strength routine into your schedule. We’re happy to provide guidance on this. Remember, if you’d like support with your running as well, then you may be more suited to Online Coaching.

Please note that Terms apply (nothing scary!) to all Let’s Run Coaching.


A bespoke strength training routine is a one-off cost of £30.

In-person consultation is £45, or £35 off peak (Monday-Friday, 9-5). If you’re not local to east London, phone consultation is £20.

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“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”

-  Robert Collier