Team Let's Run - Words and Achievements

Let's Run Coaching - Team Let's Run - Estee with her medal after the Seville Marathon

Estee, London

“It was a fantastic experience working with Let’s Run over the last 20 weeks. I’ve come away with so much new knowledge and a much more comprehensive understanding of all the different elements of marathon training.

“Communication was fantastic – very quick to reply to emails and messages. Always received very thorough responses, in easy to understand language (not too much science-y jargon!). 

“As a coach, Ben struck the perfect balance between being supportive, reassuring and encouraging; but also knowing when to push me and hold me accountable. I’d 100% recommend Let’s Run for anyone wanting to step up their training and achieve their goals.”

Estee worked incredibly hard in training, stepping up to do more than she'd ever done before. She did amazingly in the Seville Marathon, achieving an 18-minute PB.

Let's Run Coaching - testimonials

Paola, Herts

"I originally got in touch as I wasn’t following a running programme and I had got myself into a bit of ‘tizz’ as to how many runs I should have been doing each week and the distance/time of these.  I work full time and am a mum of two - so I could only commit to running three times a week. 

"Ben offered me so much reassurance and built me a programme that was geared for me. It was simple, personal and easy to follow and took out the stress of what I should be doing week on week.

"Every step was an achievement. I achieved my biggest sporting achievement ever and I know I could not have achieved this without Ben’s support. Ben was there on the marathon day cheering me on and it meant so much to see him."

Paola tackled, and completed her first marathon, doing amazingly well during training and showing great determination and consistency. She also raised a fantastic amount for charity!

Let's Run Coaching - Team Let's Run - Carrie

Carrie, London

"I always felt that if I had a question it would be answered.   

"I wanted advice on how to train smarter, and guidance on nutrition and fuelling for long runs; speed sessions and hill training; and strength work. The advice I have received on all of these things has been really valuable and I have enjoyed mixing up my running more and learning new things." 

Carrie was really great to work with, and as part of the coaching she successfully completed the Valencia Marathon.

Let's Run Coaching - testimonials - Jack with his medal after the Brighton Marathon

Jack, London

"I got in touch with Let's Run as I had completed one marathon but wanted to push myself to improve on the time for my second. Ben's expert guidance throughout the months that we worked together, along with his encouragement and positivity, took my running to the next level and also gives me confidence that I can continue to improve into the future. I genuinely can't find fault with anything. Thank you Ben!"

After some great training, Jack beat his marathon PB, finishing in 3:05 in Brighton. It was a pleasure helping Jack to achieve this amazing effort.

Let's Run Coaching - running coaching testimonials - Gabriella during the London

Gabriella, London

"Best Christmas present ever. I worked with Let's Run to get my marathon time down, improve pacing and improve the way I was training.

"The sessions changed my approach to running and made me love running again, I saw improvements each week with speed and ability to manage pace. 

"Ben helped me focus on incorporating new exercise into my weeks, got me back to the gym/pool as well as provided structure to my weeks. I also realise how important strength and stretching is to performance. Thank you :)"

Gabi's aim was to get a marathon PB and Boston Qualifying time. After some great training she achieved this - completing the London Marathon in 3:25, a 19-minute PB!

Let's Run Coaching - testimonials - Peigi with Let's Run coach

Peigi, West London

"My goal was to participate in a marathon. I did this, and with good nutrition and hydration, a run-walk strategy and mental tactics all as suggested by Ben - I crossed the finish line in a time good enough to get a medal and well within my expected pace.

"Breathing was a challenge to begin with but now it's no problem. I have lost weight and have better rhythm and no niggles of pain or discomfort. Initially I had low confidence and was very nervous; now I'm much more relaxed.

"I would recommend Ben and am continuing to work with him to learn and experience more."

Peigi came to us as a brand new runner with the aim of completing her first marathon. It was a real pleasure to help her achieve this.

Let's Run Coaching - running coaching - Toby with his medal

Toby, London

"I contacted Let's Run to help give some structure to my running. Not only did the structure seamlessly weave into my life, but I have become fitter, faster, stronger, and happier.

" I’d say the communication was probably the best bit. You lifted me when I was down, calmed me when I was over-excited, and pushed me at the right moments. Very impressed."

Toby trained with us for the Loch Ness Marathon - completing it strongly after a great few months of training.

Let's Run Coaching - Nicola with her medal after the London Marathon


“I was quite proud I did some of my faster KMs towards the end by digging deep and using my tempo and speed work stamina from the programme! I don’t think I would have found that strength before, so thank you.

“The programme has proven to me that I can improve. It was a great investment as it has made my running more structured, more interesting and I'm definitely doing things differently.”

Nicola had a 15-week bespoke marathon training plan from Let's Run. Her goal was sub-4:30 and she achieved that in the London Marathon - and a 22-minute PB in the process!

Let's Run Coaching - Team Let's Run - Anne

Anne K, London

"My main goal when I started working with Let's Run was to start running regularly again following injury. I also wanted to look at my running style. Ben helped me transition to a forefoot-strike running style which has made running more comfortable; I now run three times a week.

"I've made good progress using a combination of online coaching and occasional sessions.

"I was a bit demoralised to begin with as I was beginning to worry I may have to give up running. Working with Ben has changed that; I now enjoy running again and I feel confident.

"My overall physical and mental wellbeing has improved. I have a well-balanced and enjoyable training schedule that counter-balances my mainly sedentary workday.

"It's good fun working with Ben. I'd been running for over 10 years but he has really helped me discover new aspects of training that I hadn't thought of before."

Michael, London

"I contacted Let's Run as I wanted to train properly for a marathon. I had run two before but never felt adequately prepared. Last week I ran an easy and enjoyable personal best. The support made such a difference - I've never felt so prepared for a race.

"Training with Ben was great and hugely contributed to me achieving my goal. Ben set me clear and realistic training goals. I enjoyed the training and was excited to run the race. I would happily recommend Ben and would train with him again."

It was a pleasure supporting Michael in achieving a 50-minute personal best at the Amsterdam Marathon after some great training.

Let's Run Coaching - Tom with his medal from Ultra Tour of Arran

Tom, Essex

"Great coaching, constant feedback and live support! Life and plans change, injuries or hiccups happen along the way but Let's Run are able to adjust and manage plans and coaching to suit. 11th week in preparing for a series of ultramarathons."

Tom is a keen ultrarunner - he's pictured here with his medal from Ultra Tour of Arran, for which he trained with Let's Run Coaching.

Let's Run Coaching - Team Let's Run - CJ and colleagues

CJ, East London

"I’ve lost a lot of weight because of these sessions. I’ve even gone down a couple of waist sizes and my legs feel stronger when I’m doing my park runs. I credit all this to Ben! I felt much better after one of his sessions, mentally and physically. Ben’s the best!"

CJ took part in a series of Let's Run 'HIIT and running' classes with a local company.

Kat, Oxford

"I set out to get a bespoke training plan as the ones I found online were either for novice runners or required far too much time and running than what was achievable for me. I received the plan very quickly and it was useful to have a base block before the actual plan started.

"The plan was very achievable considering I was working full time and this meant that I managed to complete every session on the plan and it didn’t feel like a chore. I am really grateful to Ben for helping me to achieve both my half marathon goal (sub 1.50 was my 2019 goal and I smashed this in March) and marathon goal (sub 4.30)."

Kat did amazingly both in training for the London Marathon (getting a half marathon PB) and in the marathon itself - achieving her sub-4:30 goal with a 4:13 finish time.

Let's Run Coaching - Team Let's Run - three runners

Sophie G, London

"The timing was great. The schedule was good and inspired me to do more per week. I enjoyed your company and motivation." 

Sophie was a beginner runner who joined a Let's Run running group introducing people to running.

Let's Run Coach Ben with Anne and other from a HIIT running class

Anne S, Essex

"I enjoyed the sessions immensely as they pushed me to do more than I would normally do on my own, so thanks for coming in and running them."

Anne took part in a one-off series of Let's Run 'HIIT and running classes' for a local company.

Sophie W, London

"Working with Let's Run was a complete success - I wanted to do a half marathon in under two hours and I exceeded my goal.

"Ben really helped me think about how to gauge my levels of tiredness and when to push it, and tactics to increase my overall pace. He was also very easy to contact and communicate with."

Sophie had a series of one-to-one sessions to improve her half marathon PB. Working with Let's Run she achieved that, getting a 12-minute PB in her goal race.

"I enjoyed the sessions immensely as they pushed me to do more than I would normally do on my own, so thanks for coming in and running them."

Anne took part in a one-off series of Let's Run 'HIIT and running classes' for a local company.

...and more positive reviews, including:

Phil rated Let's Run communication and professionalism as fantastic, and likely to recommend to others. Phil had a running form review in preparation for the start of marathon training.

"Many thanks for helping me through the months with your advice and training - will be recommending you to friends and colleagues for sure." - Gary completed the London Marathon 2019 with a 58-minute PB, a fantastic achievement.

Inma gave a positive review, saying she's likely to recommend Let's Run to others. Inma was a new runner and had a series of one-to-one sessions to help build the running habit.

"It was a great experience working with Let's Run. Fantastic communication and professionalism." - Hani trained with Let's Run for his first marathon. After some strong training, he confidently completed the Berlin Marathon in 4 hours 14 minutes, followed by the London Marathon 8 months later.

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